Last night, like so many other nights since he began running, J dashed over to me for a hug. This wasn’t to be like other nights though, my abdomen gripped with pain as i recover from surgery.

I cried out when he crashed into me. He went to my side immediately and buried his face on the couch. His expression when he finally did look up crushed me. He was absolutely heartbroken. Why couldn’t he hug me? Why did I cry out and edge him away? What was wrong?

All I could do was rub his back, kiss his head and cry as I told him again and again he was a good boy and this wasn’t his fault.

This morning, he stayed to my better side. He even got out his doctor kit and examined me. I think I did okay. He seemed comfortable with the outcome.

Words may be few from him but man, he says so much to those who pay attention. I’m forever in awe of him even when I’m sick.