I should be focusing on Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day. I really should. It’s important to myself and those I love.

But I can’t. I’m too angry.

And I’m here to spill my tale to all who care to read.

In September of 2011, a water stain appeared on my son’s ceiling. It was small, but water stains are water stains and thus I contacted the landlady. There was no response.

One month later, the stain had grown. I contacted the landlady again. I was told she checked out the upstairs bathroom, which is directly above where the stain was, and it was “all fine”. 

It wasn’t fine.

This continued through til February, when water started dripping into my son’s bedroom. At this point we had to close off the room to his use and he began sleeping in the living room. NOT IDEAL. She sent a plumber, who informed me that without appropriate access to upstairs there wasn’t much he could do. No clue if he ever actually got access. Landlady informs me “all is fine” upstairs and sends a painter to paint the ceiling… which was still wet from leaking upstairs. Against the young man’s better judgement, he scraped and repainted the ceiling.

On May 24, 2012, the water stains began appearing anew and worse this time. By the time someone ever came to look at anything the ceiling was bowed downwards and cracking wide open.


June 5th, a plumber determines that a fitting in the upstairs bathroom (the faucet on the tub I believe) was cracked and had been leaking all this time, worse by the day. He replaced it.  Meanwhile, his inspection of my son’s room caused the ceiling that was damaged to completely come down, revealing an incredible amount of black mold, etc. No one came to clean up this damage for weeks. The Board of Health got involved and, after refusal to pay rent til this was rectified, the issue was resolved in July 2012. 

Now, once the Board of Health got involved, our upstairs neighbors were abruptly allowed to have a dog in their apartment. Strange, considering the landlady was so adamant about NO PETS ALLOWED upon our moving in. However, a dog is a dog, I can’t argue that. I can, however, argue against the fact that when she did this she arbitrarily had us informed after the fact that we are banned from the back yard. I had to remove all my son’s new toys – received for his birthday – from the yard immediately. We are still banned from the yard despite nothing in our lease stating we are barred from ANY common areas on the property. That in no way seems retaliatory does it? Cause her reasoning is us not “being nice” to our upstairs neighbors – never mind the ugly things they do to and call us.

Add on top of it that the last time she came into this apartment during the repairs she stood in the kitchen and demanded rent on an apartment with an uninhabitable room (didn’t get it til the Board of Health signed off) and then stood in my doorway, gestured at my son, and said “So what’s wrong with him?” like he wasn’t able to hear or understand her… Like he wasn’t human. I have never been so disgusted and upset with another human being.

Now, why is this making me angry today? It’s been quite a while, right?

Because last night part of the fence was damaged and the landlady could not get over here fast enough to do whatever our upstairs neighbors needed or wanted.

Now, oh readers – the few, the brave, the faithful – how would YOU react to that? Cause I’m ready to spit nails.

I’ll add some pictures tonight to illustrate some of this so this post will be edited later.