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Everyone, meet Baby:


One night, when J was boycotting sleep for the 750th night in a row, we were laying in bed looking at pictures from the ol’ internet. This guy came up, thanks to a post on Reddit*. He about jumped out of his skin with glee! “Baby, baby, baby” he repeated over and over again, awwing and oohing over the cute little baby seal.

This is what my days consist of. This image is now the lock screen image on his iPad. When he’s not himself, if he sees this picture, he turns into smiles and coos of “baby, baby”…

… And I have to remind myself that this is our real life, as odd as it is.


  1. Janice Vincent

    That adorable photo would make me smile also. I hope J will feel the same way about his 4 Paws pal when he meets him/her.

    • Nicole

      Oh I bet he will! He LOVES his godfather’s dog to the ends of the earth and back. I cannot wait til October.

  2. Mary Smith

    J is making strides!

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