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Broken Toys

I was going to write something Deep! Profound! Amazing! today but then, well, Hurricane J hit.

There’s something in the air today that is causing every toy he touches to break. He’s broken a flashlight, a light up spinny thing and what feels like everything else in this living room. I’m scared to hug him because I cannot afford any more ER visits this year.

I think he knows school starts this week. I tell him, of course. Today we’re even going to put up our super awesome Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Calendar* and start talking about our days. I am going to use the bottom half of the calendar as a magnetic schedule. I initially had planned to do something completely different in terms of daily scheduling but when I discovered this calendar had the top and bottom parts it made much more sense to keep our month and our day all together.

Anyway the starkly strange weather (highly unsettled, lots of rain, hard on allergies type stuff) plus the imminent change really is the likely culprit for Mr. Boy being so loopy and frankly destructive. He’ll have some Yogibo time later after we go run our errands, which I hope will help, but for now… pray for me.

And send defensive padding.

I’m going to need it.


*= obligatory disclaimer that my Amazon links are affiliates links. purchases made via them will help with diaper money. I know, I live extravagantly.


  1. Catherine

    The calendar idea sounds great! And in so glad he’s enjoying his Yogibo.

    • Nicole

      We still haven’t gotten the calendar up! We did talk about school though and his orientation, though rough, really made his first day a LOT easier. When did he go and get so big on me, marching into his classroom and going off to work like a proper boy should?

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