I was going to write a post about fear, about the heavy things that weigh on my mind.

Then, J-bear went and learned a new skill today.

… He learned how to play catch.

My son, who has absolutely no reflexes when it comes to even raising his hands to prevent things thrown at his face from hitting him, learned how to play catch. I’d been standing behind him, holding his hands and showing him physically how to catch a soft ball tossed to him by a therapist these past few sessions just as a lark. He never even attempted to catch it once before today, just thinking it was hilarious when the ball bounced off him. 

Today, I let his hands go and he caught it. How we cheered! He’s played catch (throwing and catching all on his own) a few times with me now and like a fool, I end up near tears every time. 

So many things are so very sad and scary to me these days but this little victory and all those like it are what I live for.