We have been lucky enough to receive an autographed picture of starting pitcher John Lackey to auction off for Team Jacobly! We’re ever so close to finishing our fundraising and we have done this all without a lick of media support. No media outlet wants our story…


… So let’s prove we don’t need them and they missed out an an AMAZING kid.


You can find details of the auction here: https://www.jbearandme.com/auctions-for-team-jacobly/?ult_auc_id=1583


— Bidding starts at $100 and goes in $10 increments.

— Buy it now is $300

— Payment is via PayPal. If you wish this to be a tax deductible donation and you find yourself to be the winner of the auction please contact me at the close of the auction so we can make arrangements!

— Please tell everyone you know who might be interested!

Now, I have an email in my inbox to respond to about a fabulous tea related auction item that I hope to post about soon. I need this fundraising to conclude because I am finding myself woefully depressed about various aspects of it. I need it to conclude so we can press onwards.