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Congratulations, Janice!

We have a winner for our iPad Mini Giveaway!

So cooperation wasn’t our strong suit, though I can confidently say that J did a fabulous job making sure the drawing was really and truly random. He is actually still playing with the entries! A huge congratulations to Janice Vincent on winning the iPad Mini, which I will ship out this week to you!

Thank you to everyone who shared the giveaway, entered, and supported us on this journey. We have raised $2600 towards our travel expenses, which is a pretty big deal! The donation links will remain up if anyone is still interested but we will have no further fabulous prizes beyond the satisfaction of knowing you helped an awesome boy to meet his awesome dog.

Thank you again, everyone. This process has brought us so many new friends. It’s like we’ve gained a whole village we never would have had otherwise and words will never be enough to express that gratitude.


  1. Janice Vincent

    Nicole !!!! How exciting – my heart skipped a beat when I saw your email that said you’re the Mini-iPad winner – and then I saw the email with the video. Knowing of course that my name was going to be drawn – I went downstairs to share with my husband. I reminded him about Jacob – as I talk about so many 4 PAWS kids (and dogs) – We watched the video together and both of us filled with tears watching Jacob’s excitement about picking and picking and picking and your incredible encouragement and patience…. Well, when you said “Janice” – my husband literally had to walk away – He had so much emotion watching Jacob – the fact that that gorgeous lil boy “pulled” my name was just too much for him. I am so excited that your trip is just around the corner – and can’t wait to see your match and first meeting. Can you believe I??? All your hard work has gotten you to this point….. xoxoxo – janice

    • Nicole

      I just rewatched that video now that he is in bed and I cannot stop laughing. He is such a card. Wouldn’t you know it once the winner was drawn and named and therefor officially official he was all about handing over entries one at a time. That’s how he rolls.

      He is a great kid, and funny to boot, so that makes being his parent simple. You spend more time laughing than agonizing, that’s for sure! He had a blast and I am so excited that it was you he chose 🙂

      One more month! He is going to love on every single dog in the class, I cannot even wait.

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