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Dear Brooklyn

Dear Brooklyn,

It’s not even been a whole day since we learned you are likely to be a part of our family and I am as in love with you as I could have ever hoped and more. You represent so, so much and come to us to do such a very big job that I can easily forget what a young pup you are! A few weeks shy of your first birthday and you have already changed lives. The prisoners you trained with I hope found you to be a great therapy to them and a great hope. I am so grateful to them for working so hard to help you be the best dog for my boy.

We get to meet you in just ten days now. Ten days that will both fly and drag for us. I have a lot to do to make your home very, very ready for your arrival! Our home is not big, but it is enough and we hope you love it as much as we love having you in it.

And your boy… Oh, your boy.

Brooklyn, he’s love. He’s just love. He struggles so hard and tries to be so much like all around him sometimes but most of the time? He’s just love. He will hold your tail (but has learned to not pull). He will touch your ears and beg for kisses. He will say your name in his singular way and he will play ball all day with you if we let him and have a spot for it…. He will love you from the first moment he hugs you.

It might help that he frequently smells of peanut butter too. 🙂

You have so many hopes and dreams to carry on your paws, Brooklyn. 4 Paws would not have matched you to one of their children if you could not carry them. You are J’s peace, his comfort, his strength and his security. He is going to find in you some things I as his mother can’t even give him and for that I’m beside myself with gratitude. You will keep my boy safe. You can bring him home if he is lost. You can give him calm when he is troubled. You can be his bridge between his comfort zones and a world that is oh so scary to him. Everything will be different now.

It will be better.

You and I, we will be working a lot together to be a great team with our boy. We’ll have a lot of fun, but you’re his girl, and he’s your boy. I cannot wait to see you both grow together.


J’s mama

Brooklyn as a baby

Brooklyn as a baby

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  1. Mandy Krahenbuhl

    oh Quack this has me in tears…but you are SO, SO right J-Bear is going to be the BEST thing that ever happens to this precious pooch! She doesn’t know what she is in for yet….but I can bet it will be love at first sight! I am so excited for you guys 🙂

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