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Digestive Fail

That stomach bug that’s going around?

It struck with a vengeance yesterday.

Now, little kids and illnesses that cause digestive fail at either end of the process are just a bad combination to begin with. It’s even more scary when the little one in question cannot adequately communicate what’s going on. He knew he felt poorly, but had no way to point out things were bad until, well, they were bad. Thankfully we were at the bathroom sink when the first sick struck but oh my stars.

It feels alarmist to call the doctor whenever he hits an illness like this, yet let me go back to a tired rant I often make: My son only drinks milk. Can you see how this can be a very awful thing when one is suffering a stomach bug? Yesterday morning and early afternoon was downright ugly thanks to this fact… But then, then he stopped drinking. He stopped producing wet diapers. He went from “mildly ill” to “ER visit” in hours.

We are blessed to live in a wonderfully thriving suburban area. There is an amazing ER not five minutes away that has a fantastic pediatric staff. The nurse there took in what was going on, understood that we had sensory issues to go alongside all the illness, and between she and the doctor put a plan in motion to get him on the mend withOUT subjecting him to the torture of needles. It began pretty rough, for the only zofran they had to give him was in dissolving pill form and my little gagger, well, gagged. He managed to keep it down though and within two hours was asking for milk. Milk that he kept down.

However, they sent us home with those dissolvable pills. What a nightmare! J’s gag reflex is so overly sensitive there’s just no way to allow them to work. He made himself so sick on one in the middle of the night that I just dissolve them in a little water and deliver the medicine via syringe. It’s imperfect, but it seems to be working.

Now little man is sitting watching a Thomas movie (of course) and being more like his usual self. It’s scary to see him so sick that he just doesn’t move. He’s constantly in motion, a still J is an aberration and a half and yet he wouldn’t even get up to walk out of the house yesterday. I swear it feels like I did little more than cuddle him from yesterday morning til this afternoon.

I never thought I’d miss his screeching but hey, anything to prove a return to our brand of normal, right?

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  1. Anne rossetti

    i’m so sorry to hear that J was so sick – poor baby! hope this passes soon!

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