Two years ago this past August we had the pleasure of meeting Laura of Family Tree Photography for the first time.  She has become a tremendous friend and support as we have watched both of our boys go through the highs and lows of starting out lives with service dogs of their own. You might remember the wonderful beach photos at the top of the blog, featured in this post, and now we have some new pictures to show how much J has grown. I was sad to do these without his partner by his side but there was nothing I could do. Thankfully, Laura is gifted with children of all abilities and brought out his best even when he didn’t want to give it at first.

So, without further adieu, here are the results of her amazing work! I could not be happier!


Next year, there will be a dog beside her. <3

fallwalking fallsmile fallshy fallonamission falllovethekitty fallhug fallhelpful fallhangingout fallcheese fallcharming fallbikingaway










Please note that when each picture is opened the silly watermark is not nearly so obnoxious.