Just when we thought we were done, we’re not.

I get our totals on the first and fifteenth of each month. I write in for them and generally receive them quickly. The 9/1 totals never came, but I did get the 9/15 totals promptly. I asked questions about the numbers, specifically whether or not certain donations had been added, and was told they had not yet. So I did my math accordingly and got our $11,744 total.

It turns out almost $2,000  in donations was double added due to this miscommunication.

Here I was, thinking we were done or if not, ever so close to and this news crushed me. I won’t lie. I was at OT with J-bear when it happened and I had to go sit out in the car and cry my heart out. This could not be. I am the one who knows best how terrible I am with math and accounting, so I was so diligent with each total and number I got. I did the math a hundred times, how could this be?

One simple miscommunication. That’s all it took.

Our total is at $10,100. I feel like it might as well be at zero, I took it so  hard, but it is not at zero. Last night, I heard from the Red Sox that we shall be receiving a John Lackey autographed photo to auction off for our cause. Our friends at Keefe’s Martial Arts here in Stoneham have generously donated 3 introductory courses, each with a free uniform, that are worth $300 a piece that we are going to auction off as well. We have back up on our back up, but I hope you can all understand why I am feeling incredibly low about all of this.

It’ll get better, and we’ll get there, it’s just painful right now.