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Fundraising Update


Did you all read that? Let me state that again


If I did my math correctly, which it appears I have, this is where we stand as of TODAY. This includes all current fundraisers, our yard sale, and our FirstGiving totals.

There are not words for my awe, shock and absolute excitement that we can see the end of our efforts. We still have to fundraise for our travel, but we will have near a year for that and far less to raise.

This is amazing.

And this is all thanks to you. With all of my heart, thank you to our generous donors, our loving friends and family, our amazing supporters far and wide… We are almost finished with this part of the journey! I cannot wait to share the day we know when we will be travelling to Xenia, OH, to meet our new family member and watch J’s life change forever.


  1. Janice

    I’m so excited for you both… Never having had to fund-raise, I imagine it must be overwhelming…. & look how far you’ve come. Congratulations – adding a 4 Paws companion to your family is going to be wonderful!

    • Nicole

      Thank you Janice! I am -still- buzzing/jumpy/shocked that this is even happening. I get all teary thinking of the day J might meet his dog and imagining what sort of dog they will be. My family lost a sweet as can be labrador in March and I told her to please come back as a service dog to look after my boy…

      … Wouldn’t you know they just had labs born that will likely be coming up to the right age to go home with my boy if he goes in August or September of next year to receive his dog. This child, he has more guardian angels than I know what to do with.

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