Thirty days from right this moment as I write this we will be packed up and on the road to meet J’s dog.

It is absolutely surreal to write that or say that right now. It is exciting and terrifying and overwhelming and that much emotion is hard to sort out and cope with, let me tell you.

J is excited. We talk about dogs every day and he asks for his friend’s dog Leno frequently. We look at a lot of pictures and using his stuffed animals, we talk about things he might be able to ask his dog to do or things he can do with his dog. He is incredibly amused when the stuffed animal gives him kisses but I am curious to see if that will translate into being okay with dog kisses. Stuffed animal kisses are silly and dry. Dog kisses are silly and, well, slobbery… That’s what makes them so unique! We will see how that turns out.

Next week, we meet with the school to talk about the dog. I don’t want to say much right now as the situation feels very tense but let’s just all pray it goes well and everyone can be on board with doing what is in J’s best interest.

We have the crate. We have toys, treats, bowls, waste bags, and all kinds of other goodies. Now we just wait for the knowledge of who J’s new best friend will be.

The match process at 4 Paws is very, very thorough. It starts when you apply to the program and starts to come into focus after you finish your fundraising. You fill out thorough forms describing where you live, your child’s needs, your child and family’s quirks, and what it is precisely you need this dog to do. You complete a video letting the trainers into your life. They are shown the good, the bad and the ugly as much as you are able to capture it. The trainers make their matches from there and I am so, so eager to see who it is from their amazing program they will choose to be paired with J.

Yep. So much to think about, to the point I can’t even ramble coherently! We have our giveaway running until tomorrow evening when we will draw the winner! Check out The Great Mini Giveaway if you still want a chance to win an iPad Mini that you can use with the heartwarming knowledge that you helped a little boy meet his fur-ever friend. We’ve raised $2400 so far out of our $3500 goal. Thank you to everyone who has helped us so far!