Today, J-bear is 3.5 years old! So, we celebrated.

Well, we did so unintentionally.

I signed up via for J to be paired with a runner. You see, not everyone can run a marathon, or a 5k, or even down their own driveway. J, who as some of you know is VERY physical and very coordinated, would be mortified if placed in a crowd such as a field of runners in a road race. The atmosphere surrounding something that could be so fun for him would make the experience so very challenging, potentially even impossible*.

So now, Ximena will run for him.

Ximena is a mom from Missouri. This Christmas, she is our new friend and she’s J’s newest cheerleader as we are now her’s. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, she’ll do her first run for J-bear and we’ll be cheering her on in spirit from here in Boston.

Are you a runner? Who will YOU run for? I encourage you to check out the site mentioned above and join the waiting list. New children and adults are signing up every day to be paired with runners and it’ll give you a chance to be a part of something pretty powerful.

Welcome to Team Jacobly, Ximena. We’re a funny, silly, random but loving bunch and I’m very honored that you will be running for J!


* = I should qualify my use of the word “impossible”. I hate using it for anything surrounding J but it would be unwise for me to completely deny that it is a potential outcome to anything we try. The key component in all things is that we will always try, even when we fail.