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Hello, Internet

We’re still alive.

In fact, we’ve been very busy.

You see, we left the country for a few days and went to sunny, friendly, gorgeous Bermuda!


This is real life, people!

J is very blessed to have someone who loves him so much that she wants to take him (and the rest of us!) on cruises she wins. Well, she doesn’t want to do JUST that of course, she loves J to the moon and back… Spending a week travelling with him is just an added bonus!

We sailed from Boston on the Norwegian Dawn. I have a lot to say about the cruise but I am biting my tongue. You see, things went wrong where they sure should not have and I definitely want to get some resolution before I post anything.


“BIGGER waves!”

What I can talk about though is how just wonderful the island of Bermuda is. The people are warm and friendly, the island is stunning and the beach we went to was like something out of a fairy tale. I never knew sand could be so soft! It was like walking on satin, it really was. The reviews for going to the beach were mission critical to us as the advice they gave proved spot on. We went immediately over with the first bus, enjoyed several hours on the beach and were back to the ship by the time it got crowded. J had the time of his life!

Waves crashed and crashed against the shore as the tide was coming in and as long as he was held, he wanted them BIGGER and BIGGER. I think I see a future surfer in him once he learns to swim for that sensation just settles something in him that nothing else can. Playing on the sand made him incredibly happy too. At one point while holding the umbrella he had to pile sand along my arm. It was cute and funny… A very J thing indeed.

All in all I would say this was a successful trip in terms of fun. On the ship, they have the most perfectly set up little kid pool area. It’s at the rear of the ship and set entirely by itself. You never have to go near the adult pools if you don’t want to which, thank God, because J tried to unceremoniously drown himself in one the first day we were on the ship! He enjoyed the wave motion created by the ship and the fact the water never got deeper than his chest. It was his perfect bliss, minus real waves and sand.



As you can see, he’s the happiest of happy clams.

More soon about fundraising for our trip to Ohio. I am wary of mentioning that because, hello, we just went on a trip but it is what it is. The cruise was a generous gift. We’ll raise what we can to help defray the Ohio costs and we will get there to meet his dog in just a few short months!

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  1. Anne rossetti

    so happy to hear about your wonderful trip!!!!!!!

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