So the weather is in a wild state of flux since yesterday, unseasonably warm and therfor setting off both J and I’s allergies like it’s going out of style. It makes things challenging to say the least.

Add to this that I am dealing with my own health stuff and I am like… “VACATION PLEASE”.

It’ll all pass, right? All the crap?

Anyway, J-bear continues to be amazing. Who would have thought this little boy who was terrified of swings and moving himself off platforms (stairs included) would be the king of trying to climb and jump off everything? The way this kid can move is incredible. Hopefully next year he can start dance or gymnastics or something to curtail that crazy into something constructive and less likely to leave him with broken bones because creating obstacle courses for himself in the living room is just destined to run up health care costs.

I know there is more stuff I should be writing or working on but you guys… Mama tired. So I’ll perk up soon and be back to bore the internet a little more! 😉