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Mourning a Friend

Hey. Hey all of you three people who read this blog.

One of my friends passed away this past week. His name was Brian, and he was a fighter. He and I would exchange emails, Facebook messages and even got to have lunch together while he was in Boston for treatment once, which was a lot of fun. He was there to talk to me through some of my hardest times and despite raging sarcasm always helped me keep my chin up.

I am hoping we, the internet, can do something in his memory.

Please consider donating to the National Kidney Foundation in his name. You can do so at either http://www.kidneyhealth.org  or by mailing contributions to National Kidney Foundation, Team Cormier, 85 Astor Ave.  Norwood MA 02062

He is survived by his loving wife, son, and family which included nephews he could never stop talking about, he loved them so much.

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  1. anne rossetti

    I am so sorry for your loss; it’s so hard to loose someone who was obviously such a good person.

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