Some days, I feel like I am a walking disclaimer for what life choices to not make or have made about you.

That’s where I am today.

I can’t even talk about the details without starting to cry but suffice to say I have a long road of some medical stuff to deal with ahead. None of it is crazy life threatening, so I’ll be around to annoy everyone a little longer, I’ll just be more crabby while I do it.

Anyway, so here I am, staring at a screen unsure what to write.

A post on Diary of a Mom has my brain spinning its gears as I digest all that was written. I find myself agreeing with most if not all of it, that demonizing and stigmatizing people with autism is just the wrong way to go about raising awareness, raising money, or anything to do with forwarding the cause of giving the autism community the resources they need within easy reach. This probably deserves its own post though so consider this a preview or a warning of things to come depending on your viewpoint.

Last week, what is referred to as a “special needs dog” became available through 4 Paws. Now, though they are labelled thus, let’s make it clear what the story is with most of the pups noted as this: They have had a medical issue (joint issue, allergy issue, etc.) or random minor behavioral issue that while proving minorly impactful to their serving life is not enough to remove them from being an amazing service dog for the right someone. Sometimes this precludes them from certain tasks, like tracking (which we need), or mobility assistance, or what have you. It’s just something that requires more committment on the part of the family receiving the dog should it be a match.

Anyway, sap that I am, of course I jumped at it. The soft spot in my heart for the underdogs (no pun intended) is a mile wide. I can handle a little extra weird in my life if it means care, comfort and safety for my son.

Alas, the dog is not meant to be ours. We still have October though.

It’s kind of good though, cause getting out there in January would have meant me pretty much alienating all of you in a short time with begging for help to get us out there so fast. Now, at least, we have months to plan and save and I only  have to beg and cry at you guys a little.

That’s okay, right?

Yet another thing I have to write more about later. I need my days to be longer and my to do lists shorter.