This week has been a Week. This month has been a Month. Seriously, in any way, has anyone caught a break? It just seems like April 2013 is one of those months everyone I know wants to see the end of, tout suite. (thanks Wreck It Ralph)

J had his sleep study Wednesday night. He was very brave as the tech, who was a wonderful woman by the way, put on all the leads and such. All of the leads except for the cannula and the blood oxygen monitor were placed before he went to sleep. He cried but stayed still in my arms as everything but those two were placed and he watched Wreck It Ralph with me on his iPad. Then, when she was done, he and I cuddled down and watched more of the movie til he curled in and fell asleep.

It was all too easy, I was soon to learn.

The tech placed the cannula initially with no problem… until she came around to the other side of his sweetly sleeping self and found it was placed wrong. Unfortunately, it was taped in place by then. She had to untape it, which woke him up. Oh, the screaming. You’d have thought he was on fire. The way he panics tears my heart into a million pieces without fail. We got the cannula placed and the blood oxygen monitor on him but he was Not Happy. He would sleep off and on from there but always awaken at some point crying over the cannula and monitor. 

Then 4 o’clock ran around. He was more awake than previous times but otherwise nothing was different. That was til he vomitted. Big time.

When you’re in these rooms you’re watched on camera and they can hear what you’re doing in the room so I just kept saying help. I was sitting in the way of their view of his when he puked and he makes no sound when he does it, so they had no idea til they ran in and saw, well, the aftermath. 

Our choices at this point were slim, given all the leads on his head: Take everything off and  put it all back on again, cut off his pajama shirt and thus only reaffix the few leads that had been truly disturbed/made gross, or end the study altogether. His tech and one of the other techs coordinated between one another to find out if they had a good study for him and, thank all I hold holy, they had over 7 hours of study – the minimum they needed was 6. We took off all the offending items and we were allowed to sleep in an empty study room next door, where J would not allow me to be more than 3 centimeters away for the next few hours til we could go home.

The downside now is that we wait til May 17th for results but I figured it would be a case like that. If there was anything concerning I am trusting his doctors to give us a call. 

Oh, yeah. And I’m so done with vomit. Like I wasn’t before.


I have a lot I am working on that doesn’t show tangible results here or anywhere yet but trust me, I am working on it. I am eager to get the fundraising for 4 Paws to help get J and other children their dogs into full swing. This will include a page on this blog dedicated to the effort and regular updates on our Facebook page.

What? You didn’t know we had a Facebook page? That’s cause we’re not big and famous, I bet… Look in the sidebar on the right, the option to “like” this blog over there is in it. 

I am also a Thirty-One Gifts Independent Consultant, so 20% of all my sales going forward will be donated to 4 Paws for Ability to help this effort. Are you interested in bags and home organization items, plus oh so much more? Check out my site here and look under My Parties – I will try to keep public parties going for those who are interested. You can also host a fundraising party online or via catalog if you’re not local – Contact me via the site and we can work it out. 4 Paws gets needed funds, J gets closer to his dog, and you can earn some free goodies. Win/Win, right? 

 Please note: None of the views expressed on this page are that of Thirty-One. I do this all on my own. They just let me sell their awesome products and have a lot of fun with great people.