So I learned something new.

The puking that I was likely hypersensitive over may actually be his warning sign of getting a cold.

Could there BE any more disgusting a warning sign?

I shouldn’t ask, that’s like a challenge to the universe. Dear Universe: I’m stocked up on messed up stuff right now. Sincerely. Your efforts are noted and I am in sufficient awe of them. Please proceed no further in this direction.

J has a cold. Now, I can  handle a lot of the stuff that comes out of him. I have gone through puke storms, I have seen him through major digestive fail, I have dealt with pretty much anything his body can throw at me.

But snot? Oh my gosh it’s like a non-stop nausea inducing disaster over here.

Every time he sneezes, Mount St. Snot erupts all over the front of him. I am only barely exaggerating. This is SO GROSS. Nothing makes me gag more than this stuff yet I have to calmly shuffle over, use tissues strong enough to wash pavement to clean his face then carry on with our day.

Meanwhile all I want to do is sit in the corner gagging yelling “EWWWW” while doing the cootie dance.

How can one small person create so much gross snot? More importantly how can they do it and still find the energy to do anything else?

It’s going to be a few long nights of Tylenol, Benadryl and seven million tissues in this house. At least I remembered to crank the humidifier for him so his nap didn’t leave him waking up crying. Yay me?

I need a vacation. 😛