You have not lived until you’ve had a diaper explode and leave its mark all over your living room. We’re not talking bowel fail here, we’re talking all the innards of the diaper decided to be out-ards all over the place. I mean, seriously. It was a Greek tragedy all over the living room that required vaccuuming, carpet steaming and the burning of sage to cleanse the evil spirits that must have once possessed that diaper out of the house. 

J didn’t care. He rarely does. As long as life goes apace for him he doesn’t give a care about these random crash and burns. Meanwhile, it’s me losing her marbles over omg another night spent with my best friend the carpet steamer.


Conversations have been hilarious the past few days because J decided he has to supply your answer, too. Before, conversations went like this:

J: Help.

me: Would you like milk?

J: Milk, please

me: Okay! 

and we’d go get milk.


J: Help

me: Would you like milk?

J: Milk, please. (a pause) Okay!

Me: ….

…. Apparently, whoever he’s talking to at the moment never ever says no. It’s both funny and minorly frustrating. Definitely more the former than the latter.


Yesterday, we completed his one year evaluation with Early Intervention.

I was SHOCKED that he was delayed in social, cognitive and communication! And if you believe that, I have oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

He improved markedly if you look outside the numbers. His skills have grown a lot in the past year, which is so promising. It makes me so happy and proud of him to hear that. The numbers look very similar to last year’s but the test asked a lot more this year than it did of him last year due to his age. I understand that. He struggled mightily with the testing as he is not at all a man of quick transitions but we got through it and we never have to do that particular assessment again. 

The best part of the whole thing was he saw his whole Early Intervention team – his group leader, his coordinator and his early intervention OT – in one spot for the first time ever. It blew his mind to see his group leader outside of the center! He had fun playing with them all and reminded me how sad I am going to be when our adventures with them are over come June. 

I am sure I will have something more deep and profound to write soon. The fun never ends.