Good evening everyone!

We have TWO fantastic auctions to help finish our fundraising going on right now! You can find them here:

Auction 1 is an autographed picture of Red Sox pitcher John Lackey, a part of Bearded Vengence as our Red Sox go from Worst to First and head to the World Series!

Auction 2 is a gift basket from Thesaurus Tea! Our friends from Montreal have generously donated a basket of tea to the winner of this auction. You can even mix and match your preferred teas from their varied and wonderful selections. That, and who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Check them out at

Auctions will run until 10/30/2013. Details are in the auctions and if you have any questions, please email me at If you win and wish to make your donation tax deductible please contact me for details so we can get the donation made in J’s name while you still get your deduction.

Also, if anyone can tell me why my site is running poorly, I’d really appreciate it!