Last night was one of the oh so many where J has trouble sleeping. The little bear either cannot seem to settle down to sleep or he just can’t stay asleep. Whatever is going on in his little brain, it demands he be alert RIGHT NOW and yelling about it RIGHT THEN. 

I do not pretend to understand the whys, I just suffer the slings and arrows of Captain Capricious’s brain here.

However, amidst the throes of it last night, I could not help but to think of some of my favorite little things he does. They are things he will no doubt one day outgrow, but for now, I adore them so much.

– The way he shuffles out of the bedroom when he wakes in the night to find me, clutching his beloved Fat Cat/Miss Kitty by her paw.

– The way he can go nowhere without said cat

– His manners, which seemed to come from nowhere. He’ll say “pease” and “da yoo” mostly without prompting and at appropriate times. It’s beautiful, given how much of his vocabulary is a bitter struggle. I love that it is manners that took such a strong hold. 

– “sky!”… He points up, no matter where we are or what we are doing, and announces “sky!”. Someone else with him MUST repeat this, or sky will be said a thousand times.

– The fact that little makes him happier than being wrapped up in a snug hug with his face smooshed against mine.. unless he’s mad then I better move out of state. Fast.

… The list likely could go on and on. There’s a lot of cards I’ve been dealt, and there’s a lot of days that I am frazzled or ready to just run away and live under a rock in the woods. Things like this remind me why I don’t, and why I never actually completely want to, even when I think I do. He is one hilarious, sweet, amazing and challenging boy.

Who is screaming at his truck right now (what’d it do? I have no idea but it sounds BAD) so maybe that rock in the woods is a good idea… 😉