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Bye Bye, Cast

So it’s gone.

Today, at 9am EDT, we bid a not so fond farewell to J’s purple cast.

There was a lot of screaming and fighting involved. The poor kid, this appointment was the stuff of all of his nightmares. Let’s list them:

  • Flourescent lights? Check.
  • Strangers talking loudly to him? Check.
  • Being laid flat on his back staring at the aforementioned lights? Check.
  • A machine that combines the sounds of a vacuum cleaner and a chainsaw? Check.
  • Being pinned in place while that’s being used? Check and double-check.

This was a recipe for fail, and fail it was.

Now, I cannot fault the tech and nurse that removed the cast. They were doing their job and, to their credit, they spoke to J directly and with great empathy despite the fact he clearly was not following what they were saying or following their instructions without my moving/directing him. The moment he got on the table panic set in and it was a fight from beginning to end.

Cast removal? Not for the faint of heart. However, they got the silly thing off and besides being a little grimy and rough his arm looks great. He’s had it scrubbed twice now and I’ve massaged it with Dream Cream so his skin is returning to softness. He braved two quick x-rays and finally I could see where the break was when the PA showed it to me. He healed beautifully and, barring any continued favoring of the arm beyond the next couple of weeks, he’s back to standard J-bear hijinks.

He was so upset through so much of that process that I was worried he’d throw up. Thankfully he began to calm as we were leaving and was quieter as we marched down the stairs to leave. Once we had some treats at home (J-bear still does run on Dunkin’) and relaxed I laid him down for a nap…

That lasted til 3:30pm. Which I took with him.

Man did we need that.

He’s super relaxed right now and bedtime should, I hope, be soon. We’ll see how things turn out.

And pray he doesn’t ever need a cast again.

The Stages of Coping with Casts by J-bear

This is how this week has gone with J in terms of him getting used to having his (pretty purple) cast on his arm. Thoughts transcribed/guessed at by me obviously:

Stage 1: Anger

“This man is putting a thing on my arm. My arm hurts. HE IS PUTTING STUFF ON MY ARM. THE WORLD SHALL KNOW MY WRATH!”

Stage 2: Denial/Ignoring

The arm hangs limp and heavy at his side. “If I do not move it, this abhorrent thing is not really there.”

Stage 3: Frustration

“I WILL SWING THIS WILDLY TIL I AM COMFORTABLE”. Beware of accompanying flailing, especially while he is trying to sleep.

Stage 4: Indignant Acceptance

“If I chew on it mom will drop whatever she’s doing and come help me, so I will take advantage of this stupid thing.”

And there you have it. My week in a nutshell with a J in cast. He’s actually using the arm now these past two days, which is better than the “hanging there like it’s dead” stage he was in. He will move it to keep himself comfortable instead of leaving himself in awkward angles that caused nothing but pain. He even will attempt a high-five, which is funny because his elbow is cast with a slight bend.

Thank you to all I hold holy for the invention of “active casts”. I cannot wait to put this stinkbutt boy into the bathtub tonight and let him get his crazy out on a little water. He truly could use a dip in the ocean or a wave pool but we’ll take what we can get.

This is my life right now. We’re making the best of it and I’m still trying to get a good picture of him awake and in his cast to share with the world. The purple cast has to be remembered forever and always, after all.

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