It seems I am test driving a lot of products lately. I imagine this is a common thing among parents, especially parents of sensory kids, but sometimes I feel like I am isolated in it.

That is until I hit Facebook, but anyway.

We are test driving a few personal items for J. Also, we are trying out Chewigems. They arrived today and let me just say, I am so far impressed. I ordered them August 8th. They arrived this morning, August 11th. I had anticipate them later this week so this was a pleasant surprised, and they arrived not a minute too late! J has been chewing as one of his major stims a lot lately. He will chew anything he thinks goes in his mouth. He favors chewing on a pacifier which is, as one might expect, dangerous. It is not made for chewing. I barely got his Chewigem (this one) out of the package before he was grabbing it up and putting it in his mouth after I mentioned it was for chewing!

It’s sturdy, I love the break-away style cord… I’ll follow up in a week or so and we’ll see if he’s stuck with using it. There’s another style I purchased too but I’ll bring that up when he comes around to wanting to use it. He’s pretty happy with the disc one! I am happy too. Unlike chewy tubes, he can’t push it into his mouth to the point he gags. He does have a hollow tube on a string from his OT yet he only might use that in the car. That’s its home, which does us no good when most chewing occurs elsewhere! The cord keeps it around his neck so when it inevitably gets dropped it is not lost. I am hoping this means no more rescuing what he needs for chewing from manky shopping carts.

I am gushing. I need to stop.

We are also using our RoadID again soon as the shoe tags will work on his sneakers. I love these tags. We’ll be getting a similarly styled tag for his dog, but from a different company.

Aren’t we the pinnacle of exciting? Go on, sport your green of envy with pride. It’s okay. 😉