I poked a bees nest I think!

My last post talking to supporters of caretakers… The response surprised me. (Mary, I owe you a note!)

I’m okay. I promise, I am okay. Things aren’t perfect but they are okay. I’m plugging along, frustrated with my body and my surgery but otherwise okay. This is a life I am used to. It really is. What drove me to write was knowing that others are not. They aren’t getting the support they need and I know that sometimes people don’t know how to handle that.

All around, it’s a tough situation but it’s not one we can’t get through together.

There’s a Thirty-One party going on on my Thirty-One site taking advantage of the end of the summer catalog and some fun August specials. 20% of sales goes to Team Jacobly and we’ve raised $68 so far.

There’ll be more fundraising updates soon I hope. I am waiting on talking to a few great people about some ideas and will post developments as they occur. Would it be out of line to plaster J’s cast with sponsorships for the next few weeks?

Okay we’re not that desperate…

… or ARE WE?!

Stay tuned.