There’s a member of the 4 Paws for Ability family who could use our help. If you could donate, or share this story, I would dearly appreciate it.

This link will take you to a donation page for the family of Lyssa and Elmo. Elmo is a service dog trained by 4 Paws for Ability to work for his girl, Lyssa, as a seizure alert dog. This is an important part of young Lyssa’s life, but her beloved Elmo is now so sick he is being fed by a tube 4 times a day and is in the animal hospital tonight due to vomitting blood. The bond between dog and child is rare and precious, something these two have enjoyed and it is now threatened. The need for Lyssa to have a seizure alert dog is so great that 4 Paws has already placed she and her family in the June 2014 class to give her another dog to work where Elmo cannot.

Meanwhile, Elmo’s illness is desperate. Costs are mounting and, most heartbreakingly, Lyssa is without her dog and Elmo is without his girl.

They need our  help. Please share their story. Let’s get them donations to help with Elmo’s care and with getting Lyssa and her family to Ohio to receive another dog this June. These dogs become a part of their children, and we cannot leave a one of them behind.

Thank you all!