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I am not sure how else to start or say this.

Brooklyn is no longer a member of our family. She will not be returning to us.

J is slated to meet a new dog in July 2016.

The depths of emotions surrounding this are hard to describe. I beg of you all to exercise restraint in any comments you might make on this subject. It is hard for me to avoid feeling like I have let not just my poor son down but you all as well. So many of you supported not just him meeting her, but getting us from Boston to Ohio. I am so, so sorry it has come to this. I’ll write more when I can.

The Goldens of 4 Paws

I am completely obsessed right now. Here’s some of the best of 4 Paws for Ability’s golden retrievers.


Clockwise from upper left, we have our beautiful Brooklyn. Next is service dog Alder, her half-brother, then service dog Vesper (now Bella), service dog in training Hazel, service dog Jerica, service dog Nora service dog Oreo and the dad to all of them Caepor!

This is only a fraction of the dogs Miss Brooklyn is related to but as you can see, she comes from a huge family including many service dogs now working for children in the 4 Paws for Ability program. Look at what lovely dogs they grow to be! Some, like Nora, are golden and labrador crossbreeds while others are full golden retriever.

All beautiful, all special, all changing lives.

Miss Nonie Doggie, the first dog J became attached to the photograph of, is half-sister to our Brooklyn so we will be seeing a little of her every day which makes me very, very happy.

The golden retrievers of 4 Paws also have a little bit of a reputation for mischief. We’re eager to see if that is part of our life to come. Will Brooklyn be to J what Hobbes is to Calvin? I’m thinking so but time will tell.

I mentioned on Facebook that the blog might be quiet over the coming week. It is not for lack of love but I have a lot of work to do to make everything ready both for Brooklyn to come home and for us to get out there to meet and train with her. Starting next Monday will be the training updates, which will last two weeks. I’ll add as many pictures as I can!

Thank you all for reading and supporting!

It’s A…


Everyone, I am so pleased to introduce J’s best friend, the newest member of our family:

This is Brooklyn. She is part of the Cities Litter born on 11-21-2013 and named by the Falzarano family in honor of their beautiful son Hawke. Hawke passed away before he could meet his service dog because of a seizure disorder. This is the second litter they have named, as each of their sons have a city middle name themselves. If you would like to learn more about Hawke and his family, please go here.

This is our beautiful new girl!

brooklyn boy

She is an English Cream Golden Retriever. Look at her swooshy tail! J will be -over the moon- for her, and given her heritage she ought to have just the right amount of mischief to fit into our family seamlessly.

I thought at first that Brooklyn was a boy. It was hilarious to find out after I emailed family that I had to email them again and correct her gender, but I am sure she will forgive me my faux pas.

That beautiful face right there? Everyone who has cheered us on and helped us along the way has made this possible. That smile is as much for you all as it is for my beloved boy and in 11 days, we’ll get to see them both together for the first time! I cannot wait, and we have plenty of tennis balls awaiting her!

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