Lately, I’ve felt very ranty on a lot of fronts. This is just one of the areas I’ve felt ranty on. If I remember more rants later, I’ll come back and add them to this post.  Why fill the whole blog with rants when I can consolidate them into one pile? Such efficiency.

Rant of the moment: “Curing” Autism

If a person born and raised in a foreign country with no concept of the culture, language and manner of where you lived were dropped on your doorstep for you to care for… Would you spend your time trying to “cure” them of the culture to which they were born?

No. You’d start finding ways to teach them how to function in the world which they now live, all the while learning to see the world through their eyes. At least, if you had a lick of compassion in you, that’s what you’d do.

So why are people out there trying to cure my son?! He’s not sick! This makes me angry beyond belief. A woman inferred that I was a terrible mother and torturing my son because I am not out there chasing down every snake oil salesman with a cheesy claim trying to “cure” my son. If my son has a clear medical problem I damned well will travel the ends of the earth trying to get him every bit of care and assistance he needs to if not cure the problem then to put it into remission enough that life can proceed in reasonable peace and comfort. Autism? It’s not on that list. Each day, I learn his culture as much as he learns mine. The next person who makes a move like this woman did is going to get an earful. I swear, the only thing that kept my tact in check was the board on which this occurred being otherwise a tremendous resource and the fact the direct thread was a mother searching for help and answers.


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