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Red Sox and Thesaurus Tea Auctions!

Tonight, Game 6 of the World Series will begin at 8:07pm EST.

That’s when our auctions END!

Are you interested in our autographed John Lackey photo courtesy of the Boston Red Sox?

Are you dying to try some of Thesaurus Tea’s amazing blends?

Bid away and help an amazing cause! All proceeds will go to 4 Paws for Ability!

Our Autographed Photo auction is here: https://www.jbearandme.com/auction-1-autographed-picture-of-john-lackey-red-sox-pitcher/

Our Thesaurus Tea Large Gift Basket auction is here: https://www.jbearandme.com/auction-2-large-gift-basket-from-thesaurus-tea/

Go forth! Bid! Share! Be Merry! Let’s make our final 4 Paws fundraiser a rousing success!

Auction 1: Autographed Picture of John Lackey, Red Sox Pitcher!

John Lackey Autograph

Have you been enjoying how well the 2013 Red Sox have been doing?

We have, too!

And thanks to a generous donation by the Boston Red Sox, we have an autographed picture of John Lackey available to help raise funds for 4 Paws for Ability in Team Jacobly’s name! Due to the nature of this donation and auction the Red Sox do not provide certificates of authenticity. The photo will be mailed to the winner of the auction in the mailer it came to us in as well as protective packaging to prevent bending in shipping.

Help us finish our fundraising and bring Jacob one step closer to his much needed service dog!


  • Comment to bid. Enter your name and email address of preference and comment with your bid. Please pay heed to comments entered before yours. All comments are timestamped, so in the event of a dispute I will side with the comment stamped first.
  • Bids are in increments of $10 and start at $100. Seller will pay shipping to winner.
  • Upon close of the auction at 8pm EST on 10.30.2013 the winner will be notified and arrangements will be made for payment. Donations can be made by check, PayPal or FirstGiving to complete the transaction and item will not be mailed til the donation is verified.
  • If someone wishes to forgo bidding and purchase the autographed photo outright the price is $300. Please comment stating you wish to do this and contact me at mamabear@jbearandme.com.


Auction Reminder!

Our Auctions are still up! Tonight, John Lackey is pitching Game 2 of the World Series for our Boston Red Sox! Let’s cheer on the home team AND help Team Jacobly reach its fundraising goal!


Let’s not forget our fabulous tea auction as well! We’re so close people, a little over $500 from our $13,000 goal… Let’s finish this and get J his dog!

Yeah: The Revenge And Other Stuff

I wrote about J answering with a direct “yeah” reply to a question not too long ago. It has since become his go to answer when he wants you to react positively.

It’s actually kind of hilarious. It’s an effort to not encourage it, though on occasion he has been very definite about saying no. It’s usually to food. Like, healthy stuff. Because of course we would never eat that.

Today while he was at occupational therapy his therapist asked him if he’d like to go home with her. Of course he said “yeah”. You’d think this was a joke and him just parroting because he feels that’s what expected by I have to wonder. After the session, which was his last water/swim session for the summer, he kept cozying up to her and offering his cheek like he does to loved ones for hugs and kisses.

The wicked little flirt!

This kid cracks me up a lot but lately, we’re  making each other crazy. This was what it was like before he had summer session at school. We were with each other 24/7 and it made us both a little nuts sometimes. When he’s feeling frustrated with it he gets more clingy. When I am feeling frustrated with it I want to be on another continent away from all people. It’s not a good mix.

We’re getting by though. We did an indoor water park yesterday. For those curious, CoCo Key in Danvers, MA, is not worth the cost of admission. While it has a great little kid area and the lifeguard staff is top-notch there’s much to be desired elsewhere. The little concession grill area looked like an afterthought, some of the pool areas seemed old/neglected, the bathrooms made me feel like I was going to walk out with several kinds of rare and interesting fungal infections and it wasn’t a very user-friendly place for families with small children to use for changing, etc. I think for what I spent, we kind of got our money’s worth. J had a blast but he’s thrilled with water to begin with… He’s an easy audience. I think if I am going to spend the money on a water park again it’ll be for Canobie Lake, Six Flags or Water Country. Maybe next summer?

J’s cast comes off on Monday. Meanwhile, Murphy dog has his own purple cast! Yes, the unstoppable Murphy is fighting back against infections. His drains are removed and he’s moving about! His worse of the two injured legs is in the cast for now but the fact that he is healing and showing more of his old self is so, so, so heartening after being scared for him those first days. Still praying for his full and complete recovery but at least right now he’s trekking dutifully forward, as is his beloved person.

So this is our life. School starts 9/4, yard sale 9/14 and I am noodling getting a raffle together. If my friends at the Red Sox ever see this… Please consider helping us out! I’m sending you a press release and letter begging! Show us some love, guys!

Yeah I’m both pathetic and shameless sometimes. I’m semi okay with that.

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