Or downs then ups as today went.

There are some days you’re the dog and some days that you’re the hydrant and today, I was the hydrant. Thankfully just in a figurative sense, so I need to be thankful for little things.

We needed to do laundry. We needed to do laundry bad. You see, we rely on laundromat. We have for years. It’s an imperfect way of life but it is what it is and we make do. Today, the situation was getting pretty desperate and the way the past two weeks have gone it’s just been impossible to easily go. Today, I figured I’d pick J up from school then head to the laundromat. We’d talk it up, we’d take advantage of the fact that Dunkin’ Donuts (SERIOUSLY Dunks, let me be a spokesdonut for you!) because donuts cure-all and life would be good.

Yeah. Little did I know….

The environment of a laundromat is what it is. Flourescent lights, a constant low din, sometimes a lot of random people… It was going to be a challenge at the bare minimum. We arrived at a quiet time, so we were lucky on that count. We got in, got our quarters and started loading a washer.

He was doing great. He counted the fans (5! 5 ceiling fans!) and enjoyed looking around at various things. He watched me put in soap and quarters and turn the machine on.

That’s when the world ended. The poor kid…

It was hard to explain to him that the clothes were okay! The machine was just getting them clean and they’d be alright! I rocked him, cuddling him on my lap while he tugged at my hair to keep me close and he was inconsolable for a while. There was nothing about this environment he felt safe about while the clothes were washing and then I redid the trauma by starting the dryer. It was a mess.

Usually, in situations like this, I can carefully show him how things work and let him explore things to get a better feeling for them before continuing. This wasn’t possible in a laundromat. There was no safe means of doing so. My heart broke for him because he was clearly scared and overwhelmed. It did not help that it was very hot – something the attendant fixed quickly, thankfully! – but even without the warmth I think the meltdown would have happened.

We were just about done when he finally started to feel more like himself. He helped me get everything together and helped me get everything to the car. His reward for working so hard to get through it? His own box of Munchkins (he calls those donuts for those just joining us) and a drive into Boston to see his beloved bridge.

Add to this his new trick of bolting through parking lots and into traffic areas and we’re just having a bang up time. Soon, his match forms and video will go to 4 Paws because it’s just about the 4 month pre-class cut off date.

Dog, I cannot wait for you to get here.