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The Great Mini Update

The Great Mini Giveaway has thus far raised $2100 of our $3500 goal!

There’s 11 days left to enter, so share this around as much as you want. We are super excited to have done this well so far!

The link to the giveaway page is: https://www.jbearandme.com/the-great-mini-giveway

In other news, J has himself his first cold of the new school year. Nothing horrifying but certainly upsetting enough to him. He is at home today since he had a fever last night but we’re hoping school resumes as normal tomorrow. He loves school, and his routine, and he’ll be happiest returning to it as quickly as possible.

Here’s how he spent half his day… The half he wasn’t napping anyway:


Crime Scene J-Bear

So if I don’t laugh about this stuff I might cry about it. Laughing’s more fun, right?

Today, one of the rare days I drove more than a few miles from home while J’s in school I get a call from the school nurse to come get J. He had vomitted a couple of times in class.

When I got there, she asked me “How’d you get here so fast?!” as I’d warned her I was south of the city when she called. I answered “laws were broken”….

… I forget that the school staff doesn’t know me well enough to read my sarcasm. I likely have a reputation now.

Anyway, back to J. I walk into his class and immediately knew he was sick. He was cuddled down in a quiet area of the room on a beanbag while one of the aides soothed him. He was not his usual spunky self. As he got up slowly to come meet me, I saw the wreckage he wrought upon the classroom. The way they cordoned off the area really did, truthfully, appear like a crime scene. Strategically placed chairs, items used to block the offending area off from small, inquisitive people… I had to laugh. I fought the urge, but man. I failed. Thankfully, I think the aides all had a very similar sense of humor. I believe you sort of have to, to work with young children.

I bundled the little monster up, grabbed his bag of puke laden clothes and we went home. We weren’t home half an hour before I was all in a panic about how fast he was breathing and just how off he was. Thankfully, his doctor’s office is 5 minutes from home and we were there in a hurry. The nurse practitioner, who is great, saw him and diagnosed bronchitis pretty quickly. I was both relieved and scared! Relieved it wasn’t something a lot more serious, scared because this will be the first exposure he’ll have to an antibiotic since birth.

Only J could make getting sick result in crime scenes being set up and snowstorms being braved for doc visits, let me tell you. Never a dull moment. Thankfully, he’s showing a little of his usual self right now as he plays trains. I bet he falls asleep fast tonight, especially once we get medicine in him!

Oh. This all does mean one bummer of a thing – J won’t get to go to Kioko til after the New Year unless creative rescheduling can occur. I hate that. 🙁 He’ll hate it too when he realizes he’s not seeing all the people he adores!

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