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Red Sox and Thesaurus Tea Auctions!

Tonight, Game 6 of the World Series will begin at 8:07pm EST.

That’s when our auctions END!

Are you interested in our autographed John Lackey photo courtesy of the Boston Red Sox?

Are you dying to try some of Thesaurus Tea’s amazing blends?

Bid away and help an amazing cause! All proceeds will go to 4 Paws for Ability!

Our Autographed Photo auction is here: https://www.jbearandme.com/auction-1-autographed-picture-of-john-lackey-red-sox-pitcher/

Our Thesaurus Tea Large Gift Basket auction is here: https://www.jbearandme.com/auction-2-large-gift-basket-from-thesaurus-tea/

Go forth! Bid! Share! Be Merry! Let’s make our final 4 Paws fundraiser a rousing success!

Auction 1: Autographed Picture of John Lackey, Red Sox Pitcher!

John Lackey Autograph

Have you been enjoying how well the 2013 Red Sox have been doing?

We have, too!

And thanks to a generous donation by the Boston Red Sox, we have an autographed picture of John Lackey available to help raise funds for 4 Paws for Ability in Team Jacobly’s name! Due to the nature of this donation and auction the Red Sox do not provide certificates of authenticity. The photo will be mailed to the winner of the auction in the mailer it came to us in as well as protective packaging to prevent bending in shipping.

Help us finish our fundraising and bring Jacob one step closer to his much needed service dog!


  • Comment to bid. Enter your name and email address of preference and comment with your bid. Please pay heed to comments entered before yours. All comments are timestamped, so in the event of a dispute I will side with the comment stamped first.
  • Bids are in increments of $10 and start at $100. Seller will pay shipping to winner.
  • Upon close of the auction at 8pm EST on 10.30.2013 the winner will be notified and arrangements will be made for payment. Donations can be made by check, PayPal or FirstGiving to complete the transaction and item will not be mailed til the donation is verified.
  • If someone wishes to forgo bidding and purchase the autographed photo outright the price is $300. Please comment stating you wish to do this and contact me at mamabear@jbearandme.com.


Auction Reminder!

Our Auctions are still up! Tonight, John Lackey is pitching Game 2 of the World Series for our Boston Red Sox! Let’s cheer on the home team AND help Team Jacobly reach its fundraising goal!


Let’s not forget our fabulous tea auction as well! We’re so close people, a little over $500 from our $13,000 goal… Let’s finish this and get J his dog!

Auctions! @RedSox and @ThesaurusTea fans take note!

Good evening everyone!

We have TWO fantastic auctions to help finish our fundraising going on right now! You can find them here: https://www.jbearandme.com/Auctions-for-Team-Jacobly

Auction 1 is an autographed picture of Red Sox pitcher John Lackey, a part of Bearded Vengence as our Red Sox go from Worst to First and head to the World Series!

Auction 2 is a gift basket from Thesaurus Tea! Our friends from Montreal have generously donated a basket of tea to the winner of this auction. You can even mix and match your preferred teas from their varied and wonderful selections. That, and who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Check them out at http://www.thesaurustea.com

Auctions will run until 10/30/2013. Details are in the auctions and if you have any questions, please email me at mamabear@jbearandme.com. If you win and wish to make your donation tax deductible please contact me for details so we can get the donation made in J’s name while you still get your deduction.

Also, if anyone can tell me why my site is running poorly, I’d really appreciate it!

Upcoming Fundraiser

On Saturday, September 14, we are going to be holding a yard sale in Stoneham, MA, to benefit Team Jacobly for 4 Paws!

We’re still deciding on the details but if you’re local to MA, we’d love to have your support!

How can you support us?

– Swing by and pick up sweet deals on fabulously random items! We have bags! We have gently used clothes for small children!

– Donate items for sale – If you wish to do this please contact me at mamabear(at)jbearandme.com so we can discuss how to get items to where they need to be. Have car and carseat, will travel!

– Can’t be there? Still want to participate? Thanks to the generosity of the Carpenito family we have some beautiful bracelets for sale! They are $5 each and all proceeds will go directly to 4 Paws to support Team Jacobly:


Super cute! One size fits most with an elasticized band!

More information to follow as it becomes available. We are also working on a raffle instead of a silent auction now. Raffle! Because… Raffle!

Fundraising Bracelets!

The bracelets have arrived. The back reads “Paws for a Cause” in the same font as seen below. If you’d like one and have already donated – contact me with a mailing address. I’ll be happy to send one with a thank you card!

If you haven’t donated yet and would like one we are giving them away with any donation. Just email me with a mailing address: galebird(at)gmail.com

Hopefully I’ll be updating with information about t-shirts too!



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