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So check this out. Gabriel, the service dog I posted about before who helps his veteran Jake, is going home! He’s not out of the woods entirely but he’s well enough to maintain outpatient care at his family’s home in Texas. This is a huge step for this sweet dog!

Get out the tissues and read more of their story here.

Also! Our friends in Missouri, headed by J’s buddy Ximena (and my buddy too!) raised $650 for 4 Paws for Ability!! This is awesome! Thank you to everyone who ran and for honoring my son and this amazing organization that does so much for children and veterans.

J’s health is still one fat question mark. He’s well, but no one can decide if he actually has/had pneumonia or not. There’s definitely evidence of inflammed bronchia and his energy is off alongside his behavior but there’s nothing that definitively screams “infection”. Meanwhile, the heat is kicking his wee bottom. He napped for 4 hours today, mid day, but was still ready for bedtime at close to a normal hour. I keep him in cool places as much as possible but it’s tough stuff.

That’s all the current news that’s fit to print. Never a dull moment!


  1. Anne rossetti

    Nicole, this heat is unbearable – its like going into a steam bath! do you have a working air conditioner?

    • Nicole

      Thank every angel in heaven we do! It’s in the bedroom, because it can’t handle cooling the whole apartment. It keeps the bedroom chilly chilly and it’s kind of sad and remarkable at the same time – when J starts to lose it from the heat I truck him in there, lay him down and guaranteed within minutes he’s sound asleep.

      He also has a cooling vest that I am getting the cool packs ready for tonight so we can work on acclimating him to it before school next week.

      I hope you guys are keeping cool! I think we all need a nice beach day with a good breeze.

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