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We Love You, @yogibobags

This week I saw an amazing yard sale deal for a Yogibo Max. It’s a massive bean bag chair/cushion that is just, well, amazing for sensory kids like J. The deal was too great to pass up so we drove well south of us to pick it up today.

It was worth every dime and then some.

It’s been in the house for not even a full hour and he’s all over it. He can flop on it, he can be plopped on it, he can lay on it, he can burrow into it, he can pile his stuffies on it, he can drive trucks on it, he can kick his legs against it… He is having so much fun with this thing that I am just kind of in shock. Usually when something new comes into the house it takes him several days or longer to warm to it and have true interest in it if he’s going to have any interest at all. This was barely in the house 10 minutes and he was on it like it’s what he was born to do.

Right now he’s settled for a few minutes and is sitting burrowed deep into the huge cushion. Every so often he kicks.

Yep, we love you Yogibo!


  1. Mike

    That is great to hear. They are definitely a unique sensory experience for everyone. And for special needs individuals they are often calming and comforting. We try to get them sampled by as many people as possible. Love the WordPress theme BTW. I have never seen it before.

    • Nicole

      Hi Mike! Thank you!! The theme is called Something Fishy and just seemed to fit our familial weirdness perfectly. J has autism and sensory processing disorder and finding things that bring him stimulation as well as calm is pretty hard. The Yogibo Max has had my son talking, signing and laughing ever since we brought it home. He’s so happy I am just in shock. Usually things take him a while to even approach… This is an incredible experience. We’ll definitely be sharing our experience with everyone who will listen, especially his awesome friends.

      And we will definitely have to try visiting a Yogibo shop again (he was terrified of the place last time, malls are hard places to go for him!) for extra covers and such soon. 🙂

  2. Mike

    Interesting point about the Mall being a bit much for him. We will be thinking about this some. Does that seem to be fairly common for children like him?

    • Nicole

      That’s a hard one to answer. Autism is so very individual. You’ve likely heard “when you meet one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” It’s very, very true. How it manifests for my son does indeed make shopping malls pretty hard. I can get him in to a mall and even into the food court at a mall but that’s all he generally can stand. When we try to enter stores all of the input becomes far too much for him, even when the stores are generally quiet. If the mall is busy I generally cannot even get him to spend much time in the mall itself. Flourescent lights, echoing noise, tons of people… That’s enough to make things very, very difficult for him to handle. Keep in mind that he is just 3 and still learning coping mechanisms.

      Are there stores in the New England area that open to the outdoors directly rather than sitting inside of a mall? He could have a better chance at success there and I am willing to bet other parents with children of similar need could too.

      • Mike

        Unfortunately we only have 12 stores and they tend to be in malls for the high foot traffic.

        We are at outside events some, but that is probably more difficult as those are fairs and events. Tends to be difficult to get any quality time in the chairs. 🙁 And there are too many things going on there for most people, including myself.

        Drop me an email and I can send you notice of smaller, quieter events when they come up in New England that might have a wide assortment to look at and try. But the Max is the biggest and our best seller. There are a few things you could do with it like a Roll or a smaller Buddy Roll for sleeping he might like. There are videos of how these interface with the different chairs. The big roll can be used like the back to a sofa, but if he is happy with his chair/recliner/bed I don’t know if I would disturb that. Part of it’s appeal might be how it is personal and simple to use.

  3. Akbutler

    We love Yogibos! We have two of them – the max and the mini at SenseAbility Gym plus the balls and mini men.
    I love it so much that I donated a max to our school’s autism classroom and bought a max for our house for the reasons you list here. I also got my son the body pillow for his bed which has changed how he sleeps. And he reads in his bed at night now. The Yogibos are life changing here!
    The location of the natick store wasn’t so bad for us – it’s at a quieter end of the mall.

    • Nicole

      When I saw this big guy for sale at a price I could afford considering I wasn’t sure how he’d do I couldn’t let it go. SO glad we tried your gym and that we got this Yogibo because he can’t get enough of the thing! Looking at different, smaller ones for the future to complete a nice collection. 😀 I’ll take a stab at the Natick store one of these days. We’ve tried Burlington, MA, and it was a total fail.

  4. Mike

    Hi AKButler,

    Thanks for all the kind things you said about Yogibo. Also what a great person you are for donating an item you love so much that you had to replace it.

    Great work that gym is doing as well. People should look at your site for some upcoming events and a great gym for special needs kids.

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