That is what this week feels like. I am starting to believe that all weeks are going to feel this way: chaotic whirling dervishes that leave me so turned around by the end of them that I am not even sure where’s start and where’s stop. 

But this is life, and J never rests.

Tomorrow is something like this: 

— Speech therapy

— Genetic Screening in Boston

— ABA 

Now, do you think he’ll nap anywhere in any of that? Because it would be my fondest dream that he would but let’s face it: all kids J’s age run on their own agenda, the only difference between my guy in most is that he doesn’t care to often share what that agenda is going to be.

We will get through it though and and hopefully it won’t be so bad.

On the fundraising front we’ve broken $800! Every single step that brings us closer to getting J united with a service dog is progress and all of it excites and elates me. I cannot wait til the day that I am writing to share his progress with his service dog with everyone who will have helped us get there. I can’t wait to spam you all with pictures of it too because, come on. Have you seen this kid? Him AND a dog… The cute, it will overwhelm.

Not that I am biased on his appeal or anything, being his mother and all.

T-shirts are in the works and I am very, very excited about them. The moment we have things ready I will be sure to update and share them with everyone so the word can be spread.

Now, I have to get back to fighting the good fight and figure out how to write letters to people I don’t really talk to begging them for their assistance. I am a party animal.