I am soooo tired. I could nap all day, then maybe eat something, then sleep all night.

Part of the problem is quality of sleep. You see, I sleep with J-bear. He won’t go to sleep without a human to hug him. It’s frustrating, it’s likely a reason to ridicule me for some but if the household is going to sleep J has to sleep with me.

Only lately, I’ve not been sleeping.

The cast is the likely issue here. He moves and shakes like there’s no tomorrow when he sleeps. He’s all over the bed, to the point of trying to pitch himself out of the bed and once succeeding at that. It’s hard to get comfortable, I get that, but try being the other body in a bed that seems increasingly too small for his antics. I feel like I am settling in for war every night!

I sleep on this sliver of the bed  hoping he doesn’t kick me out. It’s obnoxious but it’s all I’ve got right now.

School starts in two weeks and I am hoping that, what with the cast coming off and routines changing, that he can be transitioned into his own sorely unused bed. His room looks like a crazy storage closet due to the fact it’s never used for him. His clothes just happened to be stored there. I really want to see that changed and get him using it again and get it ready for his eventual dog to come live there too.

It would also be nice to sleep again.

Oh how big I dream.