This week I saw an amazing yard sale deal for a Yogibo Max. It’s a massive bean bag chair/cushion that is just, well, amazing for sensory kids like J. The deal was too great to pass up so we drove well south of us to pick it up today.

It was worth every dime and then some.

It’s been in the house for not even a full hour and he’s all over it. He can flop on it, he can be plopped on it, he can lay on it, he can burrow into it, he can pile his stuffies on it, he can drive trucks on it, he can kick his legs against it… He is having so much fun with this thing that I am just kind of in shock. Usually when something new comes into the house it takes him several days or longer to warm to it and have true interest in it if he’s going to have any interest at all. This was barely in the house 10 minutes and he was on it like it’s what he was born to do.

Right now he’s settled for a few minutes and is sitting burrowed deep into the huge cushion. Every so often he kicks.

Yep, we love you Yogibo!