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I wonder if everywhere has a supermarket chain that has great prices and selection but shopping there feels like you’re entering a deep circle of hell. Here, it’s Market Basket. Today I took J out to go grab groceries as food was running low. We got on the highway just in time to learn that going to our usual Market Basket, a larger store about 20 minutes away, was not going to happen due to major traffic overcomplicating the journey. We went to the inferior store in Woburn and wow.

Just, wow.

Imagine every inconvenience about grocery stores: People standing in the middle of aisles, stock clerks cluttering up even more aisles, people not caring where they are going, people acting like the world revolves around them, too narrow aisles, an absolutely not intuitive placement of products…. All of this converges and amplifies within this one store. Add to it a ridiculous parking lot and I thought me and J were going to pull out our every last hair.

I should have known better when J was crying upon entering the parking lot. I should have trusted his judgement.

We managed to reasonably grocery shop but man, what an ordeal. The poor kid, he sits in the cart itself and not the seat because he feels more comfortable and secure that way. The filthy looks you get for this are bizarre. I am not letting him run rampant through the store, let’s leave things that work alone. He was happy, I was getting shopping done, life was alright. If they want to have inflamed hemorrhoids over it that’s their deal.

But yes. Food acquired. We’re home. I hate you, Woburn Market Basket. Considering me your forsworn enemy.


There are legal matters surrounding this so I do not want to go into too much detail but if you can spare prayers for J’s godfather and his dog, they both could use them. Mr. Dog is home and resting after lengthy surgery repairing his back legs. It’s a mess right now. Lesson: Don’t be a jerk of a dog owner and leave your animals to run loose without care or training or else they could cause this to someone else.

To be clear, Mr. Dog was not loose. He is always responsibly looked after because his person loves him more than words can say.

This dog is the first dog J ever met. They were wary of each other on first meeting, unsure what the other was even going to do, but quickly turned into fast friends. Mr. Dog is so good-natured that when J would grab his tail or go after him in some way he just accepted that this is what J did. I think it’s because of all the food J would drop for him.


I saw Wicked last night. It was so much more amazing than I even imagined. So amazing I even bought a t-shirt and I haven’t done that since I saw Riverdance with my Nana and family in 1999. So, so, so incredible.


J’s cast comes off Monday. Never you fear though, he’s already searching out creative new ways to break more bones. Oi vey.


  1. anne rossetti

    Glad you enjoyed “Wicked”! Sounds like one of the circles of Hell at the grocery store – if people have nothing better to do than pass judgment on you or anyone else,it truly is their problem – why don’t they find something constructive to do? go walk a dog at a shelter, volunteer at a food bank (or at least buy something to donate to a food bank, rather than worrying about what their fellow shoppers are doing!!!!!!!!!)

    • mamabear

      Good morning, Anne! I looooved “Wicked”! I am a huge fan of many a show but this was one I always somehow managed to miss. So glad I caught a deal on a ticket and made myself go. It was just gorgeous.

      I shouldn’t really cast stones because, hello, I am judging the supermarket people but man. Market Basket makes it so hard! It’s like when you pass through the doors they randomly select most patrons and remove all common sense and decency. It’s just a bizarre corner of the world, it really is. When we go to the one we regularly try to go to things are only half so bad because the store is larger and relatively new. The staff is nicer so it offsets the crazy customers. I will hand it to J though – he had to stand beside me while I put stuff on the belt at the register and then while it all got rung up and he did very well. Only wandered a little twice but never got far. That’s pretty good considering what a hard place that is for him!

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