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The Nonie Dog

One of the perils of our wait for J’s service dog is looking at all the dogs in training. I follow them as much as I can without being intrusive on the lives of the foster people. There are families who foster and college students who foster, all of whom offer a brilliant foundation for advanced training. The foster system usually takes over training after the dogs receive their basic obedience, though sometimes the foster families take the dogs from weaning right up until it’s time for advanced training to begin.

Now, that all said, J has fallen in love with a dog.

Please be aware that I never, ever, for anything on this earth, tell him any specific dog is his dog. I ask him daily “what will your dog be like? Will they be a big dog or small dog? What color will your dog be?” and questions of this nature just to keep dogs in his awareness and to keep him associating that a dog will be a part of his life at some point. There is never anything specific. Some of the answers I have received include: small mama dog, small blue chicken dog, dolphin dog, white dog, blue or purple dog.

Easy requests, right? But at least it has him thinking….

Until he remembers her.

Ain't she a beauty? Photo courtesy of her foster mama

Ain’t she a beauty? Photo courtesy of her foster mama

Meet Nonie. Nonie is one of the 4 Paws service dogs in training. She is currently in advanced training and was fostered by a lovely young lady from one of the area universities with foster programs. She appears a loving, playful and sweet girl and J could not be any more smitten. He sing-songs about “Nonie-dog” frequently now. It is as cute as it is vaguely worrying.

I was reminded today though that no matter what dog he gets he could call them Nonie Dog. It would be Nonie Dog, the First of Her Name. If it is a “her” at all, of course. If it is a him… Well, we’ll see what happens.


  1. Janice Vincent

    Nonie certainly is gorgeous……. I’m sure J will be thrilled with his match – and Nonie sounds like a great name…… even for a guy….. All of the 4 Paws dogs are simply gorgeous !!!

    • Nicole

      Nonie seems like she’ll be such a love! I will be very happy if we just get to meet her. I know she’ll go to her exact right family, and that makes me very happy.

      Frankly, whether the dog is called Nonie Dog or anything else, Jacob will call the pup a million different names I bet. And that’s fine by me. 🙂

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