So if I don’t laugh about this stuff I might cry about it. Laughing’s more fun, right?

Today, one of the rare days I drove more than a few miles from home while J’s in school I get a call from the school nurse to come get J. He had vomitted a couple of times in class.

When I got there, she asked me “How’d you get here so fast?!” as I’d warned her I was south of the city when she called. I answered “laws were broken”….

… I forget that the school staff doesn’t know me well enough to read my sarcasm. I likely have a reputation now.

Anyway, back to J. I walk into his class and immediately knew he was sick. He was cuddled down in a quiet area of the room on a beanbag while one of the aides soothed him. He was not his usual spunky self. As he got up slowly to come meet me, I saw the wreckage he wrought upon the classroom. The way they cordoned off the area really did, truthfully, appear like a crime scene. Strategically placed chairs, items used to block the offending area off from small, inquisitive people… I had to laugh. I fought the urge, but man. I failed. Thankfully, I think the aides all had a very similar sense of humor. I believe you sort of have to, to work with young children.

I bundled the little monster up, grabbed his bag of puke laden clothes and we went home. We weren’t home half an hour before I was all in a panic about how fast he was breathing and just how off he was. Thankfully, his doctor’s office is 5 minutes from home and we were there in a hurry. The nurse practitioner, who is great, saw him and diagnosed bronchitis pretty quickly. I was both relieved and scared! Relieved it wasn’t something a lot more serious, scared because this will be the first exposure he’ll have to an antibiotic since birth.

Only J could make getting sick result in crime scenes being set up and snowstorms being braved for doc visits, let me tell you. Never a dull moment. Thankfully, he’s showing a little of his usual self right now as he plays trains. I bet he falls asleep fast tonight, especially once we get medicine in him!

Oh. This all does mean one bummer of a thing – J won’t get to go to Kioko til after the New Year unless creative rescheduling can occur. I hate that. 🙁 He’ll hate it too when he realizes he’s not seeing all the people he adores!